Introducing #ArmoksChat

Weekly Twitter Chat

What is #ArmoksChat Tweet Chat?

At Armoks Digital we believe in continuous development in the Digital Marketing domain We always emphasize in sharing of knowledge within a community and therefore we are coming up with Twitter Chat to build an awesome community around Digital Marketing Trends

    Our aim is to share the knowledge and build a stronger community with upcoming trending topics such as video marketing, Instagram trends, Pinterest Trends, Facebook Advertising Strategies, Google Adwords Startgies and many more

The Theme of the Chat

1.  We decide a topic and 6 questions around that topic

2. The chat would be organized on Twitter with hashtag – #ArmoksChat every Friday 5 to 6 pm IST and 11:30 am to 12:30 pm GMT

3. The people who would sign up with the form below would receive an early invitation on the same day morning

4. We will invite industry experts for that particular topic to answer the questions

5. Also, the participating audience can ask runtime questions to the expert and solve their query

6. The audience will get an opportunity to build their contacts with experts and other colleagues

7. At the end of the chat we’ll reveal the statistics of the whole chat and then send transcripts to all the participants for future reference

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Contact Us

We believe in community!

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[email protected]
6, Vivek Building, 2164-66/2, Thorle Madhavrao Peshwe Road,Vijayanagar Colony, Sadashiv Peth, Pune, Maharashtra 411030